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Glass Sink Series. Fused slumped with colored inlayed design Glass Sinks. 2 1/4" counter sunk hole, ready for installation and plumbing. The sink in the center layout indicates proper installation. The counter top must have a smaller diameter hole for sink placement.
W = 2O 1/4" H = 5 3/4" Glass thickness = 1/2" $1400 + shipping W = 18 1/2" H = 7 1/2" Glass thickness = 1/2" $1200 + shipping W = 15 1/2" H = 4" Glass thickness = 1/2" $1100 + shipping
Fused and slumped kiln formed sinks and vessels are a new product line for Coloured Vision. They are heavy, one inch or more thickness fused glass. Durable art glass yet practical and usefull. Any colour to fit your decor' and custom size and shape to fit your needs. Due to the technical requirements in fusing, fabrication time is several weeks after your order. They are drilled specifically for standard plumbing and require nothing out of the ordinary to install.
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Take a little tour of our studio and watch the sinc being manufactured, a very informative quick time movie.
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