Massive door providing security with textured clear leaded glass, outside looking in.
1. Architectural leaded glass ..EXTERIORS
2. Architectural leaded glass..INTERIORS
3. Architectural leaded glass..PUBLIC
4. Architectural glass Fused PANELS
5...What's new?.. backlit & suspended FusedGlassCEILING..
6..Fused slumped kiln formed SINKS
9. Publications,aricles. Phoenix Home Garden
10. About us, contact information........

A close up of the leaded glass, done in textured clears, cabinets. They are just beyond the entry doors, and the first thing one sees upon entering the home.
Stepping inside to see the leaded (zinc came) glass cabinets of similar design and similar glass.
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And of course, the view standing in front of the cabinets looking back to the outside.